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Missing HP blade MIBs?

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Missing HP blade MIBs?

I'm running HP SIM 6.3 and forwarding SNMP traps to a server running Net-SNMP. I loaded a HP blade MIB bundle on the (Net-SNMP) server but I got a blast of SMNP traps recently from one of our c7000 blade chassis where it appears I'm missing some related MIBs. Some examples:


SNMPv2-MIB::snmpTrapOID.0  HPSVRMGMT-OID::hpModuleMgmtProc.

HPSVRMGMT-OID::hpModuleMgmtProc.  4

HPSVRMGMT-OID::hpModuleMgmtProc.  12


SNMPv2-MIB::snmpTrapOID.0  HPSVRMGMT-OID::hpModuleMgmtProc.

HPSVRMGMT-OID::hpModuleMgmtProc.  2

HPSVRMGMT-OID::hpModuleMgmtProc.  113


Can someone point me to the MIB(s) I'm missing?


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Re: Missing HP blade MIBs?

Depends on a myriad of things. The HP .MIBs are not neccessarrily 100% comptaible with the SNMP format. In fact, SIM converts them into .cfg files then imports them into the SIM DB. It would depend really on net-snmp.

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