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Monitor Cisco MDS9000 with HP SIM

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Monitor Cisco MDS9000 with HP SIM

I have some Cisco Fabric Switches MDS 9000 Series that I am trying to get HP SIM to monitor. I got the Cisco MIB's and brought them in with mcompile and mxmib.


I did one discovery as a test and it worked, it idenfied the switch listed it's model and everything. I deleted the swtich and then tried to discover them all in a IP range and now they will not properly identify. The just pick up as unknown or a generic Switch. All the discovery or identify tasks dont properly identify the swtich but after discovery I have several authenticationFailure events almost like a issue with the auth string?


Has anyone successfully brought these switches into HP SIM to monitor them? Any advice would be great.


Here is the SNMP Config I applied to the Switch:

snmp-server host version 1 CommunityString udp-port 162   ...I tried 1 and 2c

snmp-server community CommunityString ro

snmp-server community CommunityString2 rw

snmp-server enable traps


I have HP SIM with both SNMP community strings under global cerdentails.

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Re: Monitor Cisco MDS9000 with HP SIM

Make sure of the following

  1. You are identifying the switches over the correct management IP
  2. There are no ACLs on the MDS preventing traps

Ensure the read only community is in the global snmp credentials so its used during initial identification


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