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RP7420 complex hardware status UKNOWN

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RP7420 complex hardware status UKNOWN

Greetings Folks,

I'm using HPSIM 5.3 on HPUX to monitor several RP7420s that are configured dual-partition, and each partition is hosting one or more vpars. In each of the vpars i have the appropriate WBEM software and providers loaded, so each partition shows GREEN for the HW status. Partitions are correctly associated to the complex. However, the RP7420 complex itself shows UNKOWN for the HW status. Is the HW status of the complex supposed to be an aggregate of the partitions? Is there some piece of software or configuration step i'm missing?

FWIW, the MP(s) are not associated with the complex, not sure if that makes a difference. I've tried enabling SNMP on the MP and rediscovering the complex (all vpars) and the MP, but the HW status remains unknown...

Any thoughts?
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Re: RP7420 complex hardware status UKNOWN

Health status. The HS column. Not HW status. . (need coffee).