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Send HP SIM alerts at an interval?

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Send HP SIM alerts at an interval?

Hi there,


I am using HP SIM6.3 to monitor some remote servers. From time to time, there may be some network glitches that the servers may lose connection to the HP SIM. In other words, HP SIM may see them "dead" so alerts will be triggered. Is there a way I can configure it not to trigger any alert in a given time period? Say, wait for 5 minutes, if it is still not able to PING them, then trigger the alerts?


Much appreciated,


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Re: Send HP SIM alerts at an interval?

Kind of .... :)


You can change the global ping settings under Options -> Protocol Settings -> Global Protocol Settings but that will apply to all systems. If you wish you can set ping timeouts and retry intervals on a per system basis also in the system protocol settings for that system. What I'm gathering though is that you want to dynamically set these setting during specific time periods?

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