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SIM 5.3 SP1 Hanging or stopping.

New Member

SIM 5.3 SP1 Hanging or stopping.

We have recently started having the HP SIM service failing, usually the service stops but on the last occation it just hung.
We are running 5.3 SP1 on windows 2003 conneting to a remote DB on polyserve running SQL2005.
The error messages in mxdomainmgr are
NOTICE! DB Pool ran out, adding temp extension
Abort called on already aborted atomic action a858010:441:4bd208bb:

These failures always happen out of normal office hours where there are no 'active' users and the only process running is the HW status polling.
We have over 600 servers and 2200 devices, the HW polling takes under 4 mins to run, re-running every 5 mins.

Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.