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SIM does not recieve traps from Win 2008 R2 with multiple NIC's

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SIM does not recieve traps from Win 2008 R2 with multiple NIC's

How can I configure HP SIM or the managed server (Win 2008 R2) to send traps from the primary NIC?

The managed server is a ProLiant BL460c blade with 4 NIC with IP address',, and The site DNS has server Hyper8, this NIC is the only one with DNS entries. The SIM server is CMS2 I discovered the server using the name the system was added with no errors; I could see the model type and server information. I tried to send a test trap but it did not reach SIM.

If I disable all the managed server NIC's except, restart SNMP and the SMH; then go to SIM, delete the managed server and rediscover it, the SNMP traps work!

The problem seems to be the SNMP trap service on the managed server is sending traps via the wrong NIC.

To troubleshoot, I re-enabled all the NIC's on the managed server; then on SIM I deleted the server, then I re-discovered it using the address. SIM reported major DNS lookup errors. SIM did not show the server model or type. I sent a test trap and it worked! This confirms the traps are being sent on the NIC, but it's not the primary NIC registered in the DNS. I need the traps sent on the NIC.


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Re: SIM does not recieve traps from Win 2008 R2 with multiple NIC's

Hi Tim

I can only give some hints because I have the feeling that your solution depends also on the application requirements.

First I would set the global discovery option on the SIM Server to discover devices which will send events. You can switch it of later on again. HP SIM handles only events from IP addresses which are discovered for the managed devices.
It can happen that you have Server_A and an entry for an IP address which looks like another managed node.

You also should think about the name resolution. W2k8 R2 has some tricky IPv6 feature. I would use the IP address of the SIM server inside the SNMP Trap setting of your managed server.

You should also check the routes from your
managed server to the SIM and vs.

https://ip_adress:2381 from the SIM server
will help you to identify if you need to adapted the SMH bindings on your managed system.