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SNMP settings with "Configure or Repair Agents"

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SNMP settings with "Configure or Repair Agents"



When we are using Configure -> Configure or Repair Agents in HP Insight Control the SNMP Security settings are updated to accept SNMP packets from our Insight Control server and adds the server to the Trap Destinations list.


Our problem is that it's the hostname of the Insight Control server that is added. The hostname is not know on all servers that we are monitoring.


How can we change the behaviour of the Configure or Repair Agents so that it's the IP address of the Insight Control server that is added to the Accepted Hosts and Trap Destinations lists?




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Re: SNMP settings with "Configure or Repair Agents"

Just using an existing server that has the agents correctly setup should work, but there are a few caveats :-


  1. Each server (source and target) must have a certificate from the Insight Control server installed and be set to trust it, either by certificate or by setting them to 'Trust all' if you're feeling really gung ho. No certificate = no update as there is no trust.
  2. I've noticed that on some W2008 R2 servers, the HP SNMP agents will not update the underlying SNMP service settings. The only workaround is to set these on the service manually or through AD. I've not managed to find out exactly why this is occuring.
  3. If an update fails because of no 2 above, it's not necessarily reported as a failure, as the update was carried out as far as the agents are concerned, it just didn't apply itself in the OS.

I've recently had to re-point hundreds of servers to a new HP SIM instance, and this process failed on about 10% of the servers because of the above.