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Stay submitted status

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Stay submitted status

Alert stay in submitted status in HP event services (HPSIM)

Dominique Lieurey
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Re: Stay submitted status



What is your version of HP SIM and IRSA ?

There is a known issue with IRSA 5.70 (webes 6.3). Here is the issue and fix described by HP Support :




With IRS 5.70 which uses Webes 6.3, you may find cases where Incidents in Webes console and IRS console which stays in "submitted" state. additional symptoms are:


1) The events which stays in 'submitted' state is almost always the ELMC based incidents, e.g, sea test, EVA incidents etc, which are reported through ELMC.


2) They will not have an Incident ID associated with them in IRSA/Webes console.


3) The iseeclient logs will suggest that they have been transported to HP.


4) You will not see these incidents in AMC.


5) SNMP and WMI/WBEM incidents will generally be processed normally, and will be seen in AMC, from the same devices.



Webes 6.3 has some locale sensitive code, and when it processes an incident, it will need to convert the incident time to an XML compliant format.It has been noticed that this conversion, being locale sensitive, does not succeed in some non US locales.  When this conversion failure occurs, WEBES sets the event time in a non-XML format, which is then being truncated at the IRS backend, resulting in a rejection of the event. 




Please follow the below instructions to fix the issue.


1) On the problematic CMS create a user account and set password.( e.g.  Destauser). 


2) Set  administrator  privileges to the newly created  user account.


3) Set this user, (Destauser in this case) to US Locale.  how to, below.       

3.1) Log on to the CMs using 'Destauser' account        

3.2) Go to Start->Control Panel-> double click Regional and Language icon.         

3.3) On the Regional tab, select English(United States) from the dropdown list for “Select an Item to match its preferences..” field.         

3.4) Select United States for Location field.         

3.5) On the Language tab, Select English for Language used in menus and dialogs field.          

3.6) On the Advanced tab, Select English(United States) for Select a language to match the language version of the non-Unicode…..”        

 3.7) Click “Apply”. Click “OK”. 


4)    Open services control panel. 

5)    Find Desta_Service.exe 

6)    Right click and select Properties. 

7)    On the Log-on tab check “this account”. 

8)    Enter the newly created user name and password.(Destauser)

9)    Click OK to apply the settings changes.                    

9)    Stop and Start Desta_Service.

10)   Test by sending some ELMC based incidents (eg, WSEA test)  


The incidents should get to AMC now, and should have an IRS incident ID next to them in the console