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Which WBEM Providers to use on HP-UX?

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Which WBEM Providers to use on HP-UX?

I am converting from ISEE to HPSIM/HPSMH for HP-UX 11.23 fault monitors.

I am struggling to figure out which WBEM providers are needed for basic hardware monitoring. Specifically, can someone recommend which providers to install for monitoring local (vg00) disks.

The ones below work OK for FC and LVM but I am looking to see local disk status.

So far I have:
FCProvider B.11.23.0809 CIM/WBEM Provider for Fibre Channel HBAs
LVMProvider R11.23.007 CIM/WBEM Provider for LVM
ProviderSvcsBase C. Provider Services Base
SysFaultMgmt B. HPUX System Fault Management
SysFaultMgmt C. HPUX System Fault Management
SysMgmtBASE B. SysMgmtBASE
SysMgmtPlus A. HP-UX SMH Plus
SysMgmtWeb A.3.0.1 HP-UX Web Based System Management User Interfaces
WBEMSvcs A.02.07.04 HP WBEM Services for HP-UX

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Re: Which WBEM Providers to use on HP-UX?

Hi John,

The prerequisites are described in the manual "A.05.xx Remote Support Pack CMS Prerequisites and Managed Systems Configuration Guide", which can be downloaded on ""

Regards, Werner