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Dual controllers ? One HBA & one RAID

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Dual controllers ? One HBA & one RAID

I have a DL380e G8 server and just installed a riser board b320i (HBA H200) controller.  The machine came equipped with a 420i RAID controller.

Having 14 drive bays the two 2-1/2" bays make for a perfect RAID Mirror config for boot.  However I'd really like to use the 12 LFF bays for storage using HBA.  I'll be booting FreeNAS or TrueNAS on the system.

I found that I can have both plugged in without interaction, however don't quite know how to go about only servicing the two rear drives with the RAID controller.  I could use them without RAId using the SATA controler.  But would prefer the Mirroring feature.

How are the drive bays separated.  Cable 1 & Cable 2 ?  I really only need 6 of the front LFF bays for HBA  Could I just plug one cable into each of the controllers ?

Know that a dual purpose controller is available.  But probably costs way more than I paid for the server.

Dave - Down East North Carolina


Re: Dual controllers ? One HBA & one RAID

Hello Dhenzler.

I hope this article would help in cabling, if does not then please let me know exact card model (HBA) you wish to use for 6 of the front LFF bays.


I am an HPE employee
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