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Helping IT managers face 3 top challenges around explosive application growth

Learn how HPE offers data-driven guidance to help IT managers tackle three top challenges as they do their utmost to be efficient, secure, and responsive when dealing with an expanding applications portfolio.

Just like the vast number of apps you probably have on your phone, the typical large firm has on average well over 100 HPE - ProLiant optimization-blog.jpgsoftware applications running to support business operations—with some firms exceeding well over double or even triple that amount.  

The growth of the number of apps a firm uses is expanding at a tremendous rate, and IT managers face a variety of challenges when trying to ensure they are doing their utmost to be efficient, secure, and responsive when dealing with their existing (and future) portfolio of applications.

Challenge 1: Finding the right home for your applications. Private? Public? Or both?

Before an application is even brought online, IT managers need to determine where the app, and its data, should live.  It can be daunting as the choices, approaches and consequences are complex. Question include: Can you put it in the public cloud? Or are there technological, financial, or even legal reasons why you should keep it in-house?  

For example, a healthcare company found the public cloud the perfect place to deploy its web and patient interactivity tools but determined an on-premises private cloud solution was more appropriate for managing critical and confidential patient information. Ultimately, the company settled on a hybrid cloud mix of where their applications live.

Finding that right mix of public and private application deployments is what HPE Right Mix Advisor is all about.  Built on the experience of over a thousand hybrid cloud engagements, HPE Right Mix Advisor delivers data-driven guidance to quickly and confidently move workloads to the right mix of hybrid cloud platforms, ensuring optimized performance to meet business-specific needs while speeding migrations from months to weeks.

Challenge 2: Deploying applications and workloads that are optimized on day 1

Like many companies, you’ve probably found that a variety of your applications should be kept in-house (generally referred to as on-premises or private) for one or more reasons. But that doesn’t mean that deploying and optimizing those applications and workloads should be difficult.

To ease that burden, companies can take advantage of HPE Workload Matching, where IT personnel can select from a dozen workload profiles, and their server resources are automatically optimized to match their workload.

A standard feature of the HPE ProLiant experience, Workload Matching encapsulates decades of HPE performance engineering expertise into preconfigured, user-selectable profiles that automatically optimize hundreds of settings to precisely match server resources to workload requirements. Workload matching eliminates the trial-and-error—and risk—of server tuning, delivering the performance and efficiency of a server ideally suited to its workload tasks starting at the day the workload is brought online.

Challenge 3: Continually optimizing applications and workloads throughout their life

Out-of-the box workload optimization on Day 1 is awesome. But what if there was a way for your server to continually analyze your workload in real-time and make recommendations to further fine-tune your workload?

That’s exactly what the HPE Workload Performance Advisor does: real-time workload optimization. Complementing Workload Matching, Workload Performance Advisor provides real-time performance monitoring telemetry to give operational feedback on server performance.

By constantly evaluating how your workload is utilizing your server resources, Workload Performance Advisor gives recommendations for fine-tuning settings to improve your server’s overall performance. The ability to constantly monitor everything over the entire life of the workload is invaluable, as changes in business requirements and workload characteristics can require continual adjustments to server resources.

The data-driven guidance IT managers need

Ultimately, while the multitude of applications a company needs keeps growing, IT managers can rely on data-driven guidance on where to place their workloads in a hybrid cloud environment, deploy new applications with the confidence they are optimized for their infrastructure right out of the box, and know that their systems are keeping watch in real-time for opportunities to continuously improve workload optimization.

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Gary Craze
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Meet blogger Gary Craze, a thirty-year veteran of the technology industry. Gary has held marketing and product management roles with enterprise technology companies helping them to understand the needs of customers and creating compelling value propositions that meet their business needs. Currently, Gary is the Worldwide Product Marketing Manager for the HPE ProLiant Server team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) where he is responsible for evangelizing the world’s most secure industry-standard servers.