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Does convergence really mean ‘any workload’? Yes, get started on the convergence journey.

Guest blog by Russ Parker


Being a part of the HP Converged Infrastructure team, I am fortunate that I get to attend many of the key HP customer events. I always find the candid interaction with customers the most rewarding and informative part of these events. This is how I get to stay abreast of the general sentiment about how HP is doing. Lately, more and more of my discussions have focused on the topic of mission-critical workloads.


Does convergence really mean ‘any workload’? Can I get the resiliency, scalability, and cost savings benefits without compromising security and SLAs? I found that many customers are moving off mainframes or looking for alternatives to Solaris and AIX. They are considering how Cloud will be deployed and are evaluating security in the Cloud.  Many are upgrading or refreshing legacy infrastructure to better handle the dynamic business environment. Thus, I started thinking that our customers with a mission-critical workload focus might desire a “refresher” about HP Converged Infrastructure. Hence, if you fall in this category, I invite you to:


  • Listen to this short video about the basics of HP Converged Infrastructure by Helen Tang, HP Converged Infrastructure Solution Manager



  • Listen to Duncan Campbell, HP Enterprise Group HP Solutions Marketing lead,  discuss the current trends driving infrastructure convergence today and advice for CIOs in this new era of business speed. 







Net Takeaway

Possible the most important takeaway is that infrastructure convergence is not to be ignored, especially for mission-critical environments. Why so? Think about the world we all now work and live in ...


... How the confluence of large industry shifts infiltrating our daily lives has put new demands on mission-critical workloads – information overload, 24X7 social media, and mobile everything.


... Think about how infrastructure convergence is in full adoption (legacy, siloed infrastructures are a dying breed).


... Think about how cloud solutions are proving their value and being adopted at an increasing rate.


... And think about how the ‘software-defined data center’ movement is right around the corner – are you ready?


The HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure portfolio is all about providing the ideal foundation for your next decade of computing – combining always-on resiliency in systems, protected data in storage, and secure networks. It’s about simplifying and unifying IT with a common modular architecture from x86 to Superdome 2. And as you move to the cloud, the HP cloud solutions allow you to build and manage mission-critical workloads running on HP‑UX and HP Integrity servers alongside workloads running Linux and Windows on HP ProLiant servers.


With convergence inevitable for ALL workloads, I hope this blog provided a base understanding about HP’s strategy and approach. And of course, our mission-critical experts are always available to help you – just let us know what you would like to know more about and we will bring our experts into the conversation.



Thanks for your time,



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About the Author


I am the director of marketing for HPE GreenLake and have had the opportunity to work with many HPE experts and colleagues on our as a Service offerings.