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Ever seen a server rack slammed against a wall?

Guest blog by Cole Humphreys, Manager, Rack and Power Infrastructure Product Mangement


Cole H.jpgHave you ever seen a server rack slammed against a wall? Or dropped repeatedly to simulate what might happen when it’s en route to your data center? I have. You can, too, in the video below (and believe me the results are not pretty for the non-HP rack featured in our testing, which ended up looking like a certain tower in Pisa, Italy.)


I’ve blogged about this video before (see HP Servers Can Take a Licking and Keep on Ticking), but I couldn’t resist coming back to it in the context of our refreshed rack portfolio offerings, announced today. The sheer strength and durability of HP Server Options racks should put them on the shortlist for anyone charged with choosing the right solution to protect their organization’s crucial IT investments. Here’s a few key highlights:


Rack blog pic.jpg

HP Standard Series Racks

With an industry-standard 19" internal width, these racks can hold up to 2000 lbs of equipment. At 42U, there’s enough internal U height for around 20 servers, network switch, and UPS back-up battery, with ample room for power and cable management.


HP Advanced Series Racks

Configured in a range of sizes with flexible features to fit your data center’s specific needs and space. You can choose a height from 14U to 48U, and select the depth and width to match your equipment. With a fully welded frame, HP Advanced Series Racks can keep up to 3000 lbs of equipment protected.


HP Enterprise Series Racks

These racks are designed to meet the current and future requirements of the most demanding data centers. We can ship your HP Enterprise Series rack fully loaded with up to 3000 lbs of server, storage and networking equipment, so it’s ready for immediate installation. The fully welded frame and multi-castor support protects the equipment in transit. All you need to do is unpack it and plug it in.


You can read more about HP Rack and Power Infrastructure here.



Cole Humphreys currently leads a product management team for HP’s Rack and Power Infrastructure options portfolio.  Cole and team have successfully delivered innovative and durable solutions to the marketplace for over a decade.  Cole’s 20 year track record includes leadership roles in the United States Air Force, Halliburton, Rackspace Hosting and in HP’s Personal Systems and Server Divisions.

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