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HP Integrity server upgrade safeguards Accarda’s business for customers

In the current mission-critical ecosystem, I’ve observed four customer values that are essential to ensuring the uninterrupted success and growth of an enterprise business. In the case study on Accarda, a leading supplier of integrated customer management solutions and loyalty card programs in Switzerland, the consideration of these four values brought Accarda to the conclusion that for its own continued success an HP Integrity server upgrade was essential.


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know the value of near-zero downtime. For many customers, high availability and rapid response times are infrastructure requirements that not only add value; they are requirements necessary to compete.

  • Accarda is dependent on round-the-clock availability for its approximately two million customers. In order to reduce downtime and increase flexibility, Accarda was absolute in its need for the virtualization that HP-UX provided. 

You also know the value of keeping up with constantly growing capacity needs for your applications and processes. 

  • Accarda recognized the greater demands placed on its IT infrastructure and chose to upgrade its servers and implement a two data center strategy.

You have been informed of the forward-looking value of a Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure.

  • Project Odyssey’s strategic focus on the future of your infrastructure has been detailed for you, and HP has the unique ability to integrate across networking, storage, software, and services to provide the best data centers on the planet.

What you may or may not know is the value of a long lasting relationship with HP.

  • I was reminded of this when any initial thoughts of switching to a new supplier were swept aside by its long and positive experience with reliable HP technology. As a result, Accarda was able to implement a highly available, flexible infrastructure to safeguard round-the-clock services for customers and the future growth of the company.

The following is a breakdown of the business and IT benefits achieved by Accarda:

  • Significant increase in the time available for maintenance work on the IT infrastructure, from four hours a month to 24/7
  • Return on investment within two years
  • Assurance of the company’s growth over the next few years
  • High availability of round-the-clock services for customers
  • Rapid response times for card authentication


So when the time comes to refresh your mission-critical environment, think about these four values and how HP technology can safeguard your business.



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Luke Oda is a member of the HP's BCS Marketing team. With a primary focus on marketing programs that support HP's BCS portfolio. His interests include all things mission-critical and the continuing innovation that HP demonstrates across the globe.