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IT Pros name HPE as the 2016 Reliability Leader in Enterprise Blade Servers


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IT Brand Pulse conducts an annual non-sponsored brand survey globally to assess leadership excellence of technology companies in several categories. HPE is proud to be named the Reliability leader in Enterprise Blade Servers for the sixth year. HPE was also named Market Leader and Performance Leader in this year’s survey.

We’re proud of this award. IT pros in this survey agreed that HPE blade servers “most consistently perform its intended or required function or mission without degradation or failure” (IT Brand Pulse).

We can scream till we’re blue in the face about how great BladeSystem is, but it’s better to hear that from our customers. Below are a few quotes from current customers about HPE BladeSystem products.

An energy/utilities company that was a former Dell customer converted to HPE BladeSystem in February 2014 and has found that their system has been extremely stable after the deployment of HPE BladeSystem.


Redundancy, wherein one system can go down and the other is still fully functional, has given us the ability to withstand an outage we wouldn't have been able to before.  We have been extremely stable. That is the reason we placed these servers in our environment. We decided to go with HPE because of cost, stability and ease of use.


Bally Technologies, a world recognized gaming provider, strives to deliver a consistent 24/7 entertainment services to their customers across 17 countries. It deployed HPE ProLiant Gen9 Server blades and experienced significant improvements in their business. Read the case study here.


Bally chooses HPE because it gives us a level of fault tolerance and flexibility to engineer systems for the high levels of stability and reliability we need to have in this business. HPE allows us to build a total, absolute solution for the gaming industry.


A real estate/law firm preferred HPE BladeSystem over IBM Blade Center due to HPE’s better interoperability with other systems and better support.

High consolidation and density was achieved with a single C7000 enclosure and 8 BL460c G8 series servers that took over the workload of 8x .42U cabinets previously used for processing workloads. In combination with Flex-10 and Flex-Fabric technology we managed to reduce our 8x cabinets into just 1x 42U cabinet saving huge amounts on power, energy, while we became more flexible, scalable and efficient.

After four years of using HPE BladeSystem, a health, wellness and fitness company found that there is almost no downtime in their system due to efficient cross functionality and integration between platforms that HPE BladeSystem provides.

Currently the system is able to handle all our organizational requirements, from running Oracle CRM system, a BI system, an ERP system, web-services, and a development/staging platform. The cross functionality and integration between the plat forms are more efficient, fast and almost no down time due to the internal communications backbone in the chassis.

Customers expect an architecture that is built to meet application demands and scale as needed. HPE BladeSystem delivers seamless operation on a trusted foundation of quality and reliability.


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Becca Taylor
HPE Influencer Marketing Manager


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