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IT Travel Guide for the Future

HP Compute gets you from here to there, moving away from today’s hardware centric view of IT towards a services centric view. This approach can help your enterprise capitalize on the tectonic shift underway with Cloud, Big Data and Mobility megatrends. To learn more about HP Compute, watch this video.


In a nutshell, HP Compute is designed to address your challenges starting with optimization, finding the right-sized Compute with optimal utilization of resources on modular architecture at the right economics. Then with the journey to future technological advances, servers become easier to deploy, easier to adapt, and ultimately automation evolves to where fluid pools of infrastructure resources easily scale up or down on the fly with little or no human intervention.


HP Compute puts you on the right road by helping you: 

  • Reduce the gaps between systems and optimizing infrastructure
  • Blurring the divisions between server, storage and networking
  • Shifting from physical systems perspective to a people and processes perspective
  • Reducing the ROI breakeven point and driving greater predictability

Moor Insight & Strategy analysts explore more about the evolution that business needs to take to meet the IT challenges of tomorrow. Think of it as your IT travel guide to the future. Read it now.

Rosemarie "Rosie" Chiovari
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