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The perfect 2013 business resolution: Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions that include giving up something --- like chocolate.   I do, however, tend to reflect on the coming year and set personal goals.    As usual, my family all jumped into the action and shared their thoughts on what my resolutions should include.  They ranged from making more “fun” time with friends to planning more getaway weekends, especially during the long cold winter season. 


This got me thinking about the recommendations I would offer you the IT community as you plan for 2013 and beyond.  Consider the following:


1)      Standardize more – The more you standardize, the more you reduce complexity in your datacenter.   This results in a simpler environment with less silos which in turn drives down costs.   While convergence was a hot topic in 2012, it will be an even hotter IT topic in 2013.   When making plans for transitioning, be sure to look for a converged infrastructure that can handle your whole data center.  A converged solution that only handles only part of the environment still create silos and most definitely will not have the desired effect on ROI that you were hoping for.  The HP Converged Infrastructure simplifies, automates, and integrates your data center including x86, UNIX, NonStop environments and in addition includes Storage, Servers, Networking, Services and Software technologies.


2)      Protect applications vital to your business – Don’t compromise on mission-critical when addressing applications that are vital to your business.   We continue to read stories about data disruptions in business that result in lost revenues, lost customers, and in some cases businesses.  You can take the steps to standardize your infrastructure and still leverage mission-critical features and solutions in your data center.   HP Mission Critical Converged Infrastructure is based on Integrity technology and delivers always-on capabilities with scalability and flexibility to adapt to future needs, including private cloud.    You can continue to run key applications on HP-UX, NonStop and OpenVMS and rest assured that business will continue.  


3)      Consider a Cloud solution that can handle any of your workloads – Whether you plan to implement Cloud during 2013 or have plans to implement one later, make sure your Cloud strategy can handle all of your workloads, including mission-critical UNIX workloads.   With HP CloudSystem, you can build and manage services across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.  This is built upon HP Converged Infrastructure and includes HP-UX mission-critical environments.


As we begin 2013, include on your “speed dial” both HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure and HP CloudSystem to explore mission-critical innovations and Cloud.



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About the Author


I am the director of marketing for HPE GreenLake and have had the opportunity to work with many HPE experts and colleagues on our as a Service offerings.