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Winning the collaboration modernization race: what to reach for when Skype Business is in play

Guest blog by Don Wilson, Manager, Hybrid IT Solutions, HPE.

social skype .jpg If you’ve ever seen a relay race, it’s a thing of beauty. Each member of the team works in perfect harmony with the others to run fast, pass the baton smoothly and beat out the competition.

 In an ideal world, your workforce would function like that elite team of runners, so when the starting gun sounds, they’re ready to beat the competition. But if your unified communications and collaboration (UCC) platform can’t keep up with your workforce, it’s like they’re running into a brick wall.

HPE solutions for collaboration modernization using Microsoft® Skype® for Business (SfB)

Our portfolio of reference architectures (RAs) and HPE Flex Solutions leverages HPE Gen10 innovations to help you head to the front of the pack. For starters, HPE Intelligent System Tuning (IST) is a new set of revolutionary capabilities that make it easier to manage your on-premises infrastructure by delivering higher levels of performance, agility, and control to your server environment. The physical server topology of SfB Server 2015 and the hypervisors that run the SfB servers as virtual machines will benefit from HPE IST capabilities, such as dynamic configuration of server resources to match specific workloads.

Support for Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Family series further accelerates performance for your most demanding computational tasks, while HPE DDR4 SmartMemory offers increased data transfer rates and energy efficiency compared to DDR3.

New Gen10 security features create a secure compute life cycle for the physical infrastructure. This can result in significant reduction in downtime due to cyberattacks on firmware. TPM modules along with Windows® features, such as BitLocker Drive Encryption, will assist during the operating system (OS) initialization process to ensure the OS startup isn’t compromised. HPE silicon root of trust designs security directly into the iLO 5 chip, creating an immutable fingerprint in the silicon, preventing servers from booting up unless the firmware matches the fingerprint.

Because HPE has total control of our own custom-made silicon chip and the server-essential firmware, we are the only vendor in the industry that can offer this advantage, making them the world’s most secure industry standard servers.[1]

HPE Pointnext services and HPE partners have years of industry-leading expertise guiding clients through UCC transformations with established tools and management-of change methodologies.

 Finally, you can accelerate your plans to update IT while preserving cash with the HPE Technology Refresh program from HPE Financial Services. You can make affordable monthly payments and routinely refresh your infrastructure every two to four years. We also offer several consumption models. For SMBs, the HPE subscription provides the flexibility to configure on-premises solutions that include compute, storage, software, and support, while gaining the ability to pay a low monthly subscription fee over a three-year time period. HPE Flexible Capacity, a pay-per-use, on-premises IT infrastructure solution, enables the agility and economics of a public-cloud experience with the control and performance benefits of on-premises IT. You can set up IT capacity, pay monthly based on what you use, and easily scale up or down without a capital outlay or a lengthy IT procurement process.

Don’t let anything get between your team and the finish line.

Contact your HPE or authorized partner representative to find out how you can use HPE Gen10 and SfB to your best advantage.

Learn more about collaboration reference architectures.

[1] Based on external firm conducting cyber security penetration testing of a range of server products from a range of manufacturers, May 2017.

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