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You Just Don’t Have to Keep Building New Services on Old IT Infrastructure

But is the pressure forcing you to look the other way and build new services on old infrastructures? You know that relying on legacy IT infrastructures to run extremely daunting workloads and meet the escalating service requirements is not the way to go over the long run. And that continuing to look the other way will only make matters worse. You wouldn’t build a modern skyscraper on a crumbling foundation, and it’s no different with IT infrastructure.

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This is why so many organizations have already looked to HP ProLiant servers for faster service delivery to exceed SLAs, onsite IT at cloud speed, faster VM provisioning and automated lifecycle management. Here’s a testimonial from our customer who can help you understand what’s possible.

“We need servers that not only run 100 percent CPU and 100 percent memory all the time”, said Matt Clark, Senior Director at Qualcomm, “but also enable us to increase our density and reduce our data center footprint. With the new HP ProLiant Gen9 servers, we have done exactly this. We’ve seen up to 15% better performance, while also providing the increase in compute density essential to our success…by increasing the performance and density of our servers, we can ultimately avoid building data centers and instead focus those resources on driving the business.*

Qualcomm did it, and so can you. HP can help. To learn more about the benefits of updating your hardware infrastructure, download the Aberdeen Research Report, “Optimizing IT Infrastructure to Maximize Workload Performance.” Then check out HP’s newest line of HP ProLiant Gen9 servers.


Qualcomm - Pushing compute performance, density, and reliability with HP ProLiant Gen9 Video, Sept 2014.                                      

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