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alerting out of Service Guard on SLES

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alerting out of Service Guard on SLES

Hello all,


I have a customer that wants to get notified when his Service Guard cluster does a failover for his SAP HANA packages in a dual purpose scenario.


I read in the Managing SG document 12.00.51 in chapter „6.6 Alert Notification for Serviceguard Environment” that this is limited to Oracle, NFS and XDC.

In another chapter I read about check for Cluster status with a cron job.


Does SG has an alerting mechanism beyond this I can suggest to the customer?


Kind Regards,

Andreas Rathgeber

Honored Contributor

Re: alerting out of Service Guard on SLES

The easiest method I can think of is to make the package scripts send an e-mail as part of the startup / shutdown.


That way you'll get a message every time the script runs.