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Failed to connect to object manager

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Failed to connect to object manager


Just installed SG A.11.16 on SLES 9 SP2. I was able to connect with SGManager until I reboot the server. Now, I got a Failed to connect to object manager in SGManager.

I suspect something not starting at the boot but I can't figure what.

Identd is started and listen on port 113...

Also, if I enable XINETD, I can now connect but nowhere in the doc it say we need XINETD and by default it's disabled in SLES...

Any idea where to look?

Thank you very much...

Eric Bellavance
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Re: Failed to connect to object manager

Chapter 3 - page 34-35

Many times these things are difficult to find but I believe this section explains the need for cmomd by Serviceguard Manager. XINETD starts cmomd.

I'm trying to be brief - it is very late here.

"Cluster Object Manager Daemon: cmomd
This daemon is responsible for providing information about the cluster to
clientsâ external products or tools such as Serviceguard Manager that
depend on knowledge of the state of cluster objects. Clients send queries
to cmomd and receive responses from it. This daemon may not be running
on your system; it is used only by clients of the object manager.
cmomd accepts connections from clients, and examines queries. The
queries are decomposed into categories (of classes) which are serviced by
various providers. The providers gather data from various sources,
including, commonly, the cmclconfd daemons on all connected nodes,
returning data to a central assimilation point where it is filtered to meet
the needs of the exact client query. This daemon is started by xinetd.
Relevant parameters are found in the /etc/xinetd.d/hacl-probe file.
The path for this daemon is: $SGLBIN/cmomd."
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Re: Failed to connect to object manager

thank's for your answer.

We will enable xinetd on our SLES 9.