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How to add a new package on a cluster

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How to add a new package on a cluster

Hi All,


I had gone through a lot of documents on net but not helpfull.


I have two node's in cluster on one of teh node I wanna create a new package and deactivate the old package and bring in to th ecluster.



Thank in advance.




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Re: How to add a new package on a cluster

What's your Serviceguard version? (Please run "cmversion" if you aren't sure.)


Go to:


From there, find a document titled "Managing Serviceguard for Linux". There are multiple editions: you'll need to find the edition that matches your Serviceguard version.

The latest (and apparently the last) edition is the 9th edition, which corresponds to Serviceguard for Linux version A.11.19.

Direct link here:


If you use an older version of Serviceguard, you can verify you have the correct edition by looking at the Printing History page, directly after the Table of Contents: it will identify the version of Serviceguard the book is written for.


To create a new package, read chapter 6, titled "Configuring Packages and Their Services". It will provide you the steps to plan and create a package.


To deactivate and delete an old package, see chapter 7, titled "Cluster and Package Maintenance", its sub-chapter titled "Reconfiguring a Package" and paragraph "Deleting a Package from a Running Cluster".


The basic structure of the book is the same in all editions, although the page numbers may vary: use the Table of Contents to find the chapters and paragraphs you need.