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MC SG 11.15 and net-snmp 5.10 on RH ES 3.0

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MC SG 11.15 and net-snmp 5.10 on RH ES 3.0

We were using MC Service Guard for Linux 11.15 and created packages for an application.
The application for which SG package was created internally communicates with net-snmp(agent x) to publish its statistics through MIBs.
The net-snmp daemon is also running on the same machine as where the package runs.

The problem we were facing is when the application is run independently without SG it is able to communicated with agent X(named pipe)opened by net-snmp daemon, but when running as SG package it couldn't communicate.
The ports are not blocked by any iptables settings or so.
We couldn't really make out what is the problem. The application logs also doesn't show any problems as well in syslog.
Any clues/pointers would be really appreciated.
Hope somebody could help us.

Thanks & Regards,
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Re: MC SG 11.15 and net-snmp 5.10 on RH ES 3.0

If you are trying to use an IP address that SG fails over this can be an issue.

The SNMP protocol needs to communicate with the network. On node 1, the primary IP address is not the same as on Node 2. You can use a failover IP address and see if this helps the situation.

Check the snmp configuration and see if there is anything specific to IP address that would interfere with this.

You might find that tying snmp configuration to the hardware and not SG is the right way to go.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation