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Serviceguard and Oracle 10g EM agent

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Serviceguard and Oracle 10g EM agent

We are in the process of setting up an Serviceguard cluster on Linux for some of our 10g Oracle databases. Our initial tests are very promising and we are wondering what the best way would be to set up the 10g Oracle Enterprise Manager (Grid Control) agents. Initially, we installed the agent and made it part of the package but, once the package failed over to the new node, the agent would not talk to the Oracle OMS process. After some reading I discovered that I should have installed the agent using the ip address assigned to the package. With this in mind I have the following questions:

1. I was wondering what experiences others have had with setting up Serviceguard clusters for Oracle databases and using Oracle the Enterprise Manager to manage/monitor the databases.

2. How much of a performance hit do you experience if you have multiple packages (i.e. 3 or 4), each containing a database and an agent? (Note: This is how the 10g Release 4 Oracle Enterprise Manager Advanced Configuration manual tells you to set up the agents.)

3. Is there a better way to set up the Oracle EM agents, other than the way Oracle recommends in the EM Advance Configuration manual?
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Re: Serviceguard and Oracle 10g EM agent


1. Oracle's agents don't cluster really well, thought the database clusters just fine.

2. Depends on what the packages do and how the applications that read the data work. Database design and application sql efficiency have a lot more impact than how many packages. Also, oracle sga can be a big memory eater.

3. Almost the only way to make Oracle work is the way they say on Oracle's documentation.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Serviceguard and Oracle 10g EM agent

I haven't tried to install OEMGC agent in clustered environment yet, but played little bit with it in standalone instllation in the past.

AFAIK, agent discovers and monitors all the oracle homes only on the machine it runs on and is not capable of remote monitoring (but it could change since I tried it). so, if you are running several ORACLEs (DBs, iAS's ...) across the cluster you neverthless need more installations of OEMGC agent.

IMHO, better approach is to install agent localy on every node that need to be monitored and do not create cluster package for it.