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Just announced: HPE OneSphere, the industry’s first multi-cloud management solution


bigstock-News-Alert-Newsletter-Announce-137286869.jpgThis week at HPE Discover Madrid, HPE introduced the industry’s first multi-cloud management solution, HPE OneSphere, which provides a unified experience across public clouds, on-premises private clouds, and software-defined infrastructure.  Through its software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal, HPE OneSphere provides customers access to a pool of IT resources that spans the public cloud services they subscribe to, as well as their on-premises environments. 

With the ever-increasing complexity of managing multi-cloud environments today, HPE OneSphere’s multi-cloud strategy is designed to dramatically simplify operations. The solution works across virtual machines, containerized workloads, and bare metal applications, so users can compose hybrid clouds capable of supporting both traditional and cloud-native applications.  Delivered as a service, HPE OneSphere provides a single point to access all applications and data from anywhere. Through it, users can build private clouds and connect public cloud resources, resulting in a virtual resource pool.

Additionally, HPE OneSphere streamlines DevOps and provides deep insights across an enterprise’s public and on-premises environments to accelerate development cycle times, improve productivity, and generate cost savings – increasing the speed of digital transformation.

As an ideal solution for businesses that want to capitalize on digital disruption and enable a broad range of new customer experiences, HPE OneSphere is designed for IT operations, developers, and business executives and will be available starting in January 2018. Key benefits of the new multi-cloud management solution include:

Improved speed and simplicity

To respond to developers faster, HPE OneSphere allows IT admins to build clouds and deploy virtual machines, containers, and bare metal in minutes.  And as projects grow, HPE OneSphere enables rapid dynamic provisioning across public cloud and on-premises environments.   

Accelerated application delivery

With unique multi-tenant workspaces called Projects, HPE OneSphere streamlines and speeds application development and deployment with environments where developers can provision through a self-service portal and access catalogs containing templates, cloud-native tools, services and applications, making it easier to get their work done.

Greater cost efficiency

HPE OneSphere provides a single view of usage and aggregate costs across all public cloud and on-premises deployments. This allows CIOs to control and optimize resources and spending. This solution also has the unique ability to provide “showback” costs by cloud, site, line of business, application or subscriber, and enable real-time self-service cost reporting to designated users.

To learn more about HPE OneSphere, register for the upcoming webinar: HPE OneSphere: Simplify multi-cloud management to build clouds, deploy apps, and gain insights faster

For more details on HPE OneSphere, visit: And stay tuned for more announcements and videos out of HPE Discover Madrid.


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