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What’s for breakfast? A conversation with customers and a cup of hyperconverged!


Jenn  Susinski.jpgBy guest blogger Jennifer Susinski, HPE SimpliVity Marketing Operations and Customer Advocacy

People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I couldn’t think of a better way to start the day and sit down with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) customers over some guacamole toast and a cup of hyperconverged. I wanted to learn why these loyal HPE SimpliVity customers chose hyperconverged infrastructure – a virtual computing infrastructure solution that combines several datacenter services in a single appliance. 

I’ve summarized below the thoughts of my breakfast companions -- three HPE hyperconverged customers. 

IT Administrator, Financial Services Company: Robust Backups

Built-in data protection and backup features set HPE SimpliVity powered by Intel® apart from other vendors. Many customers are more than happy to put their outdated storage arrays out to pasture after deploying HPEbigstock-Group-Of-Friends-Drinking-Capp-114304406.jpg SimpliVity. As most people realize, completing backups can take hours and the results are innconsistent. HPE can help give you back extra time through hardware acceleration – a function that makes storage operations lightning fast and wonderfully simple (I’m talking about things like backups, restores, cloning, and deduplication).

One of the HPE customers who joined me for breakfast works in the financial services/accounting industry. He explained, “We were struggling with full system backups and off-site backup storage before [HPE] SimpliVity. Also, our backups were occasionally unreliable and took too long to complete. With [HPE] SimpliVity, we now have reliable, quick, off-site backups that offer very good system level backup frequency (RPO) and recovery times (RTO).”

I let him know he wasn’t alone, and that many HPE SimpliVity customers reported significant backup window improvements. One HPE transportation customer recounted how he needed to run eight hour backups every night using a complex, expensive infrastructure. Every night! Since implementing HPE SimpliVity, he can complete the same backup in an hour – which is an amazing improvement of 8X!

Vice President of IT department, Educational Facility: Performance

Organizations need to move faster than ever while ensuring top-notch performance at all times. They also need to solve multiple issues with fewer resources, calling for a simpler way to work. The HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged platform offers many operational benefits that can make your IT department more efficient.  

Another one of my breakfast guests was an HPE customer in the education industry. He was relieved to discover the many operational benefits the HPE SimpliVity platform offered his department, such as managing the infrastructure with fewer tools which saved time they could use for innovation on other projects. HPE SimpliVity allowed him the freedom to not only improve performance, but also to deploy faster and leverage fewer applications.

“When I switched from a traditional SAN and host virtual environment and deployed HPE SimpliVity, the difference was simply astounding. Every attribute possible improved. Our backup time decreased drastically, and the time to deploy a VM was as different as night and day. I would make the same choice again in a heartbeat.” 

Director, I & O, Transportation Company: Simplified Management

Businesses are seeking ways to simplify management to save time and reduce costs so IT teams can be more productive on day-to-day tasks and still have time for innovation.

The transportation director sitting at the table with me for breakfast shared how simplifying infrastructure management results in data growth becoming more manageable – meaning there is less worry about adding extra files on your network or spinning up test VMs right on your production network. Peace of mind is priceless, especially when that peace of mind gives you the confidence to test, adjust, and redeploy workloads in your infrastructure without extensive planning.

As the Advocate Manager, I look forward to sitting down to breakfast with many more HPE customers and hearing how they are resolving problems in their respective businesses with HPE hyperconverged solutions. If you have an IT infrastructure problem you are looking to solve, please take a few moments to check out the Hyperconvergence for Breakfast e-Book see how changing your infrastructure can transform your business.

Or check out the free e-book, Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies.

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