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Fun Problem with a NAS 1200s 320

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Fun Problem with a NAS 1200s 320

A few days ago, we deprecated one of the NAS Boxes at the office, my boss gave me the assignment of wiping the box and reinstalling it with Windows Server 2008 Std x86.

I've wiped the box deleted all the partition information and unfortunately, can't seem to get access to the Raid Array's configuration to set the SI680a to a raid 5 configuration.

I've done research and it's apparently a known issue with the firmware version on the unit that the press F3 to enter configuration is missing. I've located the correct firmware to repair this from the Silicon Image website but there is not a tool that will allow me to load it onto the ROMS in the NAS 1200S

Is there a tool available through HP or elsewhere that will allow me to do this?
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Re: Fun Problem with a NAS 1200s 320

shall you point me silicon website information please ?
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Re: Fun Problem with a NAS 1200s 320

from the read me on the download it includes instructions for upgrading the bios from inside Windows Storage Server:

SiI0680 BIOS
Version 3.2.20


I. Overview

II. Applicable Hardware/Software

III. Corrections

I. Overview - Contents

b3220.bin - add-in card BASE BIOS

r3220.bin - add-in card RAID BIOS

3220.bin - motherboard BIOS for OEM use in development. This BIOS is not intended for general end-users. End-users with a SiI0680A onboard a motherboard, please contact the motherboard manufacturer for a BIOS upgrade.

II. Programming Instructions

1. Verify the legacy 32bit BASE SiI0680A driver version to be or the legacy 64bit BASE SiI0680A driver version to be or later. If the driver version precedes those noted, download the latest driver from

a. Right click on ???My Computer??? and select Manage

b. Select Device Manager from the Computer Management tree

c. Expand the ???SCSI and RAID controllers??? set of items

d. Right click on the ???Silicon Image SiI0680A Controller??? and select Properties from the pop-up menu

e. Select the Drivers tab

f. Find ???Driver Version??? reported on the tab

2. Ensure that a PATA device is attached via a parallel ribbon cable to a SiI0680A channel port.

3. Launch the Silicon Image ATA Controllers application from the Windows Control Panel.

4. Click the Flash BIOS tab

5. Click the Browse button and select the r3220.bin file to program base BIOS or r3220.bin to program RAID BIOS.

6. Click the Program Flash button

Note: The firmware download should take less than five minutes to complete.

I. Corrections

1. Includes RAID volume support beyond 1TB.

2. Resolved a missing ???Press F3 to enter RAID utility??? message state.
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Re: Fun Problem with a NAS 1200s 320

got Nas engeering they confirmed
there are no Raid Hardware on 1200S series
only software raid