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Redundant connection to an X1400 storage server

Occasional Advisor

Redundant connection to an X1400 storage server

I have a site with the following equipment - HP X1400 Storage server, HP DL380 G5, HP ML110 and HP Auto loader.


The DL380 is a DC, while the ML 110 is a BDC & Antivirus server.


The DL380 is connected to the X1400 via iSCSI from one port of its network card and the second port is connected to the network switch. The Active Directory on the DL 380 authenticates users and groups for access to the X1400.


My question is can the 2nd network port on the X1400 be connected to the switch such that if the DL380 should go down, the ML 110 can authenticate an give access to the files and folders on the X1400.