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3 Mailslots detected then 'Icompatible Magazine' message

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3 Mailslots detected then 'Icompatible Magazine' message

Please help.
I'm using hp MSL 2024 24 slots/left-right magazines. Firmware: Library 3.00/1.70e + Drive G54W
with Symantec BackupExec 11d on Windows Server 2003 R2.

It detects 3 mailslots instead of one mailslot as usual (occupied the 3 front slots in the left magazine). This is when the Mailslot feature is enabled.
If I disabled the mailslot feature, these 3 front slots are also unusable with 'No Access' status.

Since this happened, everytime I start up the MSL2024, initialize, scanning, recovery takes more longer time than usual (30 minutes or more).
After that, it shows '<- Close Mailslot' on the front OCP panel. Therefore I can not utilize the OCP panel/button and mut use the web console to operate the library/drive. Seems that the software thinks that the mailslot is open although I have closed the lowest position mailslot #1.

At this point, I can still do backup tasks using the rest 21 slots remaining.

Later on, the error message 9B 28 Robotic Failure appears on the OCP display. After rebooting the library, different message shown: 'Incompatible Magazine'.

Now I can not do backup task using BackupExec. The backup job status is always 'queued'.

Support ticket attached.

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Re: 3 Mailslots detected then 'Icompatible Magazine' message


Perhaps a stupid question.
But it seems that you have installed a magazine of an MSL 4048.
they have 3 mailslot and fits in an MSL 2024 but it is not compatible.
Have you replaced the magazine for some reason or is it still the original.
If it is the original, i would call support to replace the magazine or to check the library. You can try a firmware update but i am not sure this would solve your problem.