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3U Storageworks Tape Drive Enclosures

Occasional Contributor

3U Storageworks Tape Drive Enclosures

We have two types of Storageworks 3U Rack-mount enclosures, one that has SDLT320 Tape Drives in it, and the other has SDLT600 Tape Drives. The former enclosure has 2-off horizontally-mounted SCSI connectors at the rear. The latter enclosure has 4-off vertically-mounted SCSI connectors.


Please would someone let me know the HP identities of these two enclosures.


Do the former come in more than one form, that is, some have internal cables that plug onto bulkhead connectors on the rear of the enclosure, and some have internal cables that are part of that bulkhead connector?


Also, I need to replace one of the ribbon cables inside the enclosure with the SDLT320s in it. If anyone can identify the HP Part Number for those cables, I would be grateful.


Many thanks