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80% Tape used in recordings retrieval

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80% Tape used in recordings retrieval

We are using HP 5683A tape device, whenever we use the tape for NICE logger automatic archiving. The tape will be ejected when it reached to 80% full.... It won't be able to use up 100% tape capacity... However, manual archiving works well...

Any hint what should be checked?? Greatly appreciated for a reply. Thanks.
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Re: 80% Tape used in recordings retrieval

Hello Lai Ling,

What do you consider manual archiving please ? What tool do you use there ?

I do not know the Nice logger software but it could be that teh software uses this 20% margin to be able to guarantee that they can log a certain amount of data to tape.

If the drive or the tape devops an issue, rewrites need to be done. These rewrites happen on a different section of the tape hence they consume tape space. The softwsre may be configured to use a safe amount.

Another possibillity may be that the logger is unable to fully utilize the media because of the tape device configuration issue. I'd pose the question at Nice systems to be sure.

The fact that manual archiving does utilize 100% of tape space makes me think that this may be a software 'feature' though.

Best regards,

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Re: 80% Tape used in recordings retrieval


Thanks... Already escalate to NICE... but they have no hint yet....

Probably we need to review the log from NICE and escalate to T3/4 for support.