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Re: AP746A SAS cable connectors for Tape Drive

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AP746A SAS cable connectors for Tape Drive

I need to sonnect a HP LTO4 internal tape drive to my RAID controller.  The photos of the cable I've found don't match the description.  It shoudl be a SFF-8482 at the drive end and a SFF-8087 at the host end.  Photos show what appears to be a SATA connector.  Some photos of the sam epart number show a cable with (2) SFF-8087 and a SFF-8042 "tail".

Can anyone verify what this cable really has?  A real photo?





Re: AP746A SAS cable connectors for Tape Drive

If there is an HPE site that has the wrong photo can you please send me a pointer and I will start the process for getting that fixed.

That cable should have 2 internal mini-SAS SFF-8087 connectors and 1 internal SAS drive SFF-8482 connector.

The reason there are 2 SFF-8087 connectors is because that connector contains 4 SAS links and the internal LTO SAS tape drives only use 1 out of the 4 links.  The first SFF-8087 connector is for the HBA, the second SFF-8087 connector splits out the 3 links that the tape drive doesn't use and can be connected to a hard drive cage in some server models. When the second SFF-8087 end of the cable is connected to a 4 drive hard drive cage, then 1 of the locations in the cage isn't connected but the other 3 can be used.

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Re: AP746A SAS cable connectors for Tape Drive

I can't remember that I saw the photo on HP's site, it was on severl of your resellers.  A qick google search will turn them up.  Easy tto see a colored red or blue calbe instead of the black one that fits the description you gave above.  That answered my question thanks.