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Re: Auotloader 1/8 Ultrium 920 - rollback firmware

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Auotloader 1/8 Ultrium 920 - rollback firmware

A short time ago we were having trouble with our tape drive, getting sense errors from the drive itself. We updated the firmware for the library (2.70) and the drive (D23W), which did not resolve the problem. We discovered pieces of labels inside the drive and even though we removed them we ultimately had to replace the drive. Prior to updating the firmware and the label debris, backups were flawless. When the new drive was installed, we updated the firmware with D23W. Now, backups run for approx 1Gb worth of data and fail (using same version of BackupExec) with a generic hardware error. When the unit is tested using Library and Tape Tools, no errors occur and we can write a complete tape.

At this point, I suspect the firmware is causing an issue with either the SCSI controller or BackupExec and I want to get the unit back to the previous state (2.10 and D22W, respectively). LTT will not perform a rollback. Does anyone know how this can be done? Thanks.
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Re: Auotloader 1/8 Ultrium 920 - rollback firmware

I update my firmware via web browser. login as admin and click on the Support tab. You will then see the tab for firmware.