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Autoloader 1/8 G2 Error: Gripper Position error

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Autoloader 1/8 G2 Error: Gripper Position error

I receive an A@ 36 error (gripper position error) on my StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Autoloader with the 448 drive. I cannot figure out how to correct this.

I tried to run the System Diagnostics from the front panel as suggested in several documents, but am unable to complete as the error prohibits the test from completing.

Any help is appriciated.
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Re: Autoloader 1/8 G2 Error: Gripper Position error

I'm doing some guessing here, but is it possible that a tape cartridge has slipped out of position, and is causing the error?

Before you do anything physical, load up HP's free Library and Tape Tools (download from ) and run diagnostics to see if anything can be detected by that.

If not, were I in your shoes, I'd remove the magazines (may well have to eject them manually, by inserting a straightened paper clip (i.e. Magazine Release Tool) into the appropriate holes in the back of the library, while a second person gently pulls on the magazine from the front.

Check to make sure that all cartridges are firmly in their slots. Use a flashlight to help you see inside the library to make sure no cartridges are loose on the floor.

Reinsert the magazines (gently!) and see if the robot moves to perform an inventory.

Power the library off (by pulling the plug, if necessary -- and it probably will be if the robot can't park itself) and back on again. Do you get any robot movement?

If not, it sounds like a service call. If the unit is no longer under warranty, you can remove a gazillion tiny bolts (Careful! There are, I believe, at least two different types/sizes, and it will work best if they go back to where they came from) and the top cover, then check inside to see if anything looks amiss.

Let me know what happens with the above suggestions.
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Re: Autoloader 1/8 G2 Error: Gripper Position error

Since this was an autoloader the paperclip trick did not work. And of course out of warranty.

I removed the top and immediately the issue was evident - the cleaning tape had become torqued in the carousel mechanism. Just repositioning the tape and then powering up allowed the unit to reseat everything properly.

LTT performed all tests without a hitch. No idea what caused the error, but it was easily fixed.