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Browse backup files with MT

New Member

Browse backup files with MT

Hi everyone, 


I would like to store several backups files on a tape. Thus, I did several test by using theses commands: 


tar cvzf /dev/st0 myfolder/

tar cvzf /dev/st0 myfolder2/


I tried then to access to each of them with  the "mt" command. If i do "tar -tzf /dev/st0", it lists all files contains in myfolder2/.  How can I access to the archive containing the files inside myfolder. 


My question is how can access to the previous backup archive with mt? 


I tried "mt  -f /dev/st0 bsf" then the tar command, also the rewind or the bsfm option. but It doesn't work. 


I'm using a HP StorageWorks 1/8 Tape 960 Autoloader.


Thank you in advance for your time and your help,