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C1561A Autoloader - Was working, shipped, now not.

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C1561A Autoloader - Was working, shipped, now not.

Dear HP Forumers
Recently I have purchased a completely tested & working HP 12000e 48GB autoloader. It was shipped in a custom made foam carton and arrived in good condition. I had to purchase another cable, a 68 half pitch connector as the one that came with it was way too short. The drive also did a self test when it turned on, and said it was ok.

Now, when I first connected the drive to the card and thus, my favorite server... well you know the sound the monitors in a hospital make when someone dies? The server did that, didn't even post. Bibibibibieeeeeeeeeeeee...!

OK, fair enough, was an old server, so I have since plugged the SCSI card and drive into a newer PC with XP proffesional and I cannot even see the drive in the SCSI bios. There are no other devices connected to the SCSI card, but when they are, they work, just not the drive.

The SCSI card is an Adaptec something, if someone wants to know then i'll look then.
Both servers just had desktop boards in them. I don't have any tapes either, still being delivered. The PC I'm connecting it to now is a P4 3GHz. All other information is irellevant I guess. :(

I've tried all the settings in the SCSI bios configuration screen, and played with device ID's but no dice.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
Regards, Blaze.
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Re: C1561A Autoloader - Was working, shipped, now not.


AFAIR this old autoloader was single ended scsi only, so you also need a single ended terminator - is it installed?

Now the question is about your controller - it must be compatible to single ended - all ultra_x and LVD are, HVD are not.

Hope this helps!

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