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Re: Can't detect fiber attached MSL6060

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Can't detect fiber attached MSL6060

I'm trying to attach a new media server to our MSL6060 tape library that's been working for years attached to two other existing servers.

They are all SAN attached and we've configured the fabric so the server and the library are zoned. I know the new server's SAN connections are working as I've presented storage to it from one of our EVAs.

I've downloaded and installed the HP StorageWorks drivers for the MSL6000 series library and tape drives but the server doesn't seem to recognize that the library is attached. Any idea what I'm missing?
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Re: Can't detect fiber attached MSL6060

You may need to jump into the NSR's interface on the MSL and configure a mapping for the new server.

Steven Clementi
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Re: Can't detect fiber attached MSL6060

IF the servers are added newly to Fabric, then rebooting the Library(as NSR also reboots) it will detect the new devices and will enable the Library access to new servers.

Else you can login to NSR module and do a re-scan on the FC ports which will help to you resolve this.

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Re: Can't detect fiber attached MSL6060

first check the connectivity

in the nsr, check if the hosts are logged in
if they got a default map with the drive (if the nsr is by default) or assign a map to the host (if the nsr is managed)

second check the HBA of the host if it can see the devices (use the hba utility to browse the detected devices)

if both steps fails, review your zoning

third check device manager to see if the devices appear, if they are seen at the HBA level, they should appear in the device manager too.