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Catalogs to DR site

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Catalogs to DR site

Quick question about getting production catalog's to a DR site.  Presently we are encrypting tapes and have scripted the export of the keys from production and the import into our DR environment which all works fine.  However, we would like to also export the catalogs to a .mcf file and import that to our DR site.  My understanding is if we have both implemented we would be able to put our tapes into our DR system and restore without any importing or catalogging of the tape.  Is this true??  Has anyone automated this whole process?  When digging through HP's DP CLI reference guide I see a command to export and import the .mcf files.  However, this requires us to manually input the tape label or media ID.  Below is the example from the CLI reference guide:

directory on UNIX system, run:
To copy media catalogs of media "DefaultFile_1" and "MyDLT_35" to the mcf
omnimm -copy_to_mcf "DefaultFile_1" "MyDLT_35"
-output_directory /tmp/mcf
"2401110a_47d7f516_0aa0_0001.mcf" and
"2401110a_47e26bc2_0a74_0002.mcf" from the default MCF directory on
Windows Server 2003 into a new media pool with prefix "MCF_" located on
another Cell Manager, run:
To import media-related catalog data copies
omnimm -import_from_mcf "C:\Program Files\OmniBack\Config\
"C:\Program Files\OmniBack\Config\Server\import\mcf\
2401110a_47e26bc2_0a74_0002.mcf" -pool_prefix "MCF_"

Can the media values piece of the example be automated to enter these values?  Is there a better way to accomplish a "live" DR environment?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Catalogs to DR site

Hello, i was actually in a similar predicament as you are right now and i finally resorted to create a simple batch script to accomplish that. It works like a charm.



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Re: Catalogs to DR site

What files are you copying with your batch file?  Any chance you can post up the batch file? 



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Re: Catalogs to DR site

saw this and thought that is what I need.


importing tapes in the DR cell takes an age, and I was wondering about exporting to a file.


anyway, read the post and knocked up this script;


you'll need tail.exe and robocopy.exe, but they are readily available on the Internet.


here is my script



omnidb -session -datalist "<backup NAME>" -detail | findstr SessionID > BW.sessions.txt


tail -n 1 BW.sessions.txt > Last.BW.session.txt


for /F "tokens=1,2,3" %%a in (Last.BW.session.txt) do omnidb -session %%c -media | findstr [ > BW.tapeID.txt


for /F "tokens=1,2,3" %%a in (BW.tapeID.txt) do omnimm -copy_to_mcf %%b


robocopy "\\<source>\D$\Program Files\OmniBack\Config\Server\export\mcf" "\\<destination>\f$\Program Files\OmniBack\Config\Server\import\mcf" *.mcf




this script wont work properly if the backup is writing to more than 1 tape ! 

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Re: Catalogs to DR site

Sorry forgot to mention what it does:

This lists the last Session ID of a specified backup and Catalogues the tape used, then copies to the DR Cell.

You'll have to write the import bit yourself.