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CentOS 5 MSL6030 Tape Library FibreChannel not detected

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CentOS 5 MSL6030 Tape Library FibreChannel not detected

Good morning,


i have set up a ProLiant DL360 G5 Server with an Emulex Helios-X LightPulse FibreChannel card to back up data to a MSL6030 tape library. Under Windows with BackupExec the setup worked (not very well but it worked). Now to avoid BackupExec and Windows Server in general I have set up the server with CentOS 5 (CentOS because there are official drivers for both the FibreChannel interface and the MSL6000 series).

I have successfully installed all necessary drivers and run the script. The server detects other FC-devices in my network, but, and here comes the problem, it does not detect the MSL6030. And by not detect i mean it does not show up in the lsscsi list.


I'm grateful for any tips or suggestions, even if they are only related to detecting FibreChannel or SCSI devices. I don't know what else I could do right now.


Thanks in Advance.

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Re: CentOS 5 MSL6030 Tape Library FibreChannel not detected

Did you configure the NSR (the FC interface in the MSL) at all?

Hope this helps!

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