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Change drive of autoloader ?

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Change drive of autoloader ?



We have an autoloader 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR, serial : MXA92110EB

with a drive Ultrium 3-SCSI   serial HU10823P4U


We have lot of problem with the drive (a more problem now, when we have replaced all the cardrige)


The drive had problem to write/read to the medias. We have tried some clening (with new cardrige).

But always problem.


so we are looking to change the drive. (no problem with autoloader itself)


Is it possible to do that ?

We have checked on our supplier to buy the same drive, but same to not exist any more.

So is it possible to change the drive with a new, and more recent, like LTO5-6 ?

Is it possible to replace with a model on SAS in place of scsi ?


Can you give model number to buy ?






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Re: Change drive of autoloader ?

An LTO-5 drive can read LTO-3 and write LTO-4; the drive can be FC, SAS or SCSI (depending on model and generation.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Change drive of autoloader ?

Unfortunately, HP doesn't officially support upgrading the drive in the 1/8 Autoloader, and certainly not changing from SCSI to SAS or FC connectivity.


You may want to consider replacing the Autoloader with a MSL2024 - the MSL2024 tape library holds 3x the tapes, and also is designed for future upgradability.

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