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Complete novice - Storageworks/linux/p411 - how to use array?

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Complete novice - Storageworks/linux/p411 - how to use array?


I got hold of some HP 840z servers with d2600 storagework arrays and p411 controllers. Were Windows but I installed CentOS to match my current setup. Everything seems fine - I see the logical array appear in the boot, I can see the storage and array disks in the Array Configuration Array tool, so all seems good and error free.

Only thing is that this is the first HP Arrays I have used and I don't get how to actually recognize the storage in applications or see it with a file browser like Nautilus. My other SAN/DAS drives seemed easy to see ans setup, but I can't seem to setup and format the storage in Linux, other than the HP utilities.

I know this sounds really stupid, but how do I get the array actually usable in CentOS and apps, and not just with HP utilities?