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Configure Data Protector 6.0 backup


Configure Data Protector 6.0 backup

As at creation backup to make, that files on the certain mask + were copied to set a mask on folders.
Let's admit, I have a directory \backup\ in which there are subdirectories A01, A02, A03, B01, B02, B03. In these catalogues files 1_0001.jpg, 2_0002.jpg, 3_ 0003.jpg lay
I wish to copy from all catalogues with name Ахх files 1_0001.jpg In Veritas BackupExec for this purpose was to make a mask on catalogues \backup \A* with include on a mask of a file 1_*.jpg enough
In HP OpenView Storage Data Protector Manager I have found similar options on bookmark Trees in Object Properties, but a design \backup \A* and the filter on include 1_*.jpg do not work.

Re: Configure Data Protector 6.0 backup

Sorry, "with name EE files 1_0001.jpg" read as "with name Axx files 1_0001.jpg"