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CVTL #2046 GUI Error

Occasional Advisor

CVTL #2046 GUI Error



We have CVTL installed in our environments which has stopped working. When we try and open the GUI it brings up the loading bar in the middle of the screen and error code #2046 at the bottom. Given we don't use CVTL too much, and the windows servers they are on get patched regularily, we don't know what's changed which could have caused this error.


Can't find any references anywhere with a list of errors codes, so I haven't got a scooby what #2046 would be. Has anyone else seen this error code and advise how I get this GUI working again?





Occasional Advisor

Re: CVTL #2046 GUI Error

Well, we think we may have cracked it....maybe!! This error code is from the flash player, not CVTL.


From looking up Flash 2046, there are a ton of posts. They are saying the internal code certificate has expired it's date. When we look in the SWZ files for Adobe they do have an old date which expired on the 06/05/15. See here for more info:


To prove this is an expiring date issue, we reset the server date back to April 2015 and the GUI worked again, as per the thread above.


So we are going to download the following files and see if it gets the GUI working again.


Our fingers are crossed!