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D2D Alerts

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D2D Alerts

I am hoping someone has run into this before and can offer some assistance. I have replication setup on two of our D2D devices. We have a site with less then reliable connection that keep alerting about breaking connection. I get these messages several times. Is there a way to cut just these alerts off? From my reviewing around it seems a all or nothing selection but we can't keep getting these alerts so we may have to cut of it off if there is no other options.



Alert example


This is a system generated message from your


HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System


Email Notification From HXXXXXXX


07-Jun-2012 07:18:35 -0500 : Replication Source Appliance detected Target Appliance HP-XXXXXX breaking connection



For further information please browse to


    https://HPxxxxxxxT01.cvg.local (https://10.xxxxxx5)


Please do not reply to this email.