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Re: Daily Set 4:1

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Daily Set 4:1


I am running Data Protector Express 3.5sp2. When I look at under Storage Slots I see Daily Set 4:1 under the Media column. I've been used to just seeing Daily Set 2, Daily Set 3, etc. Can someone tell me what this means? Thanks.
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Re: Daily Set 4:1

This would be a 2nd tape within Daily Set 4. Data Protector Express labels the tapes within a set as 0, 1, 2, ... It just shows the "0" tape (e.g. Daily Set 4:0) without the number designation.

What is means is that the backup ran over 2 tapes or it could not find the original Daily Set 4 and had a blank tape available so it used it and labeled it Daily Set 4:1.