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DAT 160 Tape Drive - Clear Historical Drive Logs?

Occasional Collector

DAT 160 Tape Drive - Clear Historical Drive Logs?

I have a HP StorageWorks DAT 160 Internal USB Tape Drive (Q1580A) and was running the HP Library and Tape Tools to perform some simple tape erasing tasks.


Running the DDS Drive Assessment Test within it came up with the following error message:


"Rule 1 - Fatal Error Rule A fatal error has occurred in the drive. Please contact your support provider for further information ... The DDS Drive Assessment Test has checked the history and/or operation of the selected drive, and problems have been reported in the Historical Analysis of your drive."


In the past a tape got stuck and the face plate was removed and slightly damaged in the process, and the tape had to be forced out. Upon completion, the drive continued to function normally and still performs everything it is supposed to but these historical drive logs keep causing it to stop even though the drive seems fine.


Is there a way to clear the historical drive logs so it thinks it is free from errors as I think this is the main cause of issues I am having? Or does anyone have any other solutions to this ongoing problem?


Many thanks


Valued Contributor

Re: DAT 160 Tape Drive - Clear Historical Drive Logs?

The latest firmware for HP DAT 160 USB Internal tape drive (Q1580A) is version WU8B.

It is suggested to update the firmware to resolve the issue.

Hope this helps!

Occasional Collector

Re: DAT 160 Tape Drive - Clear Historical Drive Logs?

Thank you for your reply.


I have already updated to the latest firmware that you have specified but this problem is still happening.


Any other ideas?