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Re: DAT 160 USB Problem

New Member

DAT 160 USB Problem

We are using a Dat 160 USB tape drive. Lately we have a lot of problems with this drive.

Within the last 6 months, the drive requires a cleaning cartridge approximately every two days.  Furthermore, it destroyed around 5 backup tapes already. For some time, we only did full backups daily, so we assumed the drive overheated and thus the tapes got damaged. But we also have the cleaning problem with our new backup settings.

We used a diagnostic tool already, but we can't find any hardware fault.

Anybody has a solution for us? It is getting expensive to replace tapes permanently. The backup software we are using is Symantec Backup Exec 2010.

New Member

Re: DAT 160 USB Problem

I think the Dat160 Usb is a weak product. And it is not based on one Dat160 drive. Even the replacements have the same errors and going offline problems. We even exchange tapes every 6 months.

The problems remain the same


Latest firmware and drivers sometimes improve stability, but the Dat160 is still a drive with lots of problems..