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dat 72 usb problem compression

Occasional Contributor

dat 72 usb problem compression

i've a dat 72 usb drive with media c8010a 72GB compression, connected a single server win2003.
when running nt backup the media backup max 36GB, no more (with nt backup, compression is default enable).

i've tested with hp L&TT tools with compression 2:1 but write only 36GB. attach files.
Which is the problem ?

I hope to find a solution on it.
Stefano Marcotulli
Frequent Advisor

Re: dat 72 usb problem compression

The most common cause for poor data compression is that the data is simply not of the type that contains the redundancy required to allow the techniques used to reduce the size required for storage. Since it is the industry standard to quote the capacity of tape drives assuming an average 2:1 data compression ratio, this is around the level most customers experience and hence is pertinent to the performance of the product, this can lead to some customer dissatisfaction. This typically affects data types that use efficient techniques to minimize the data sizes they use initially (examples are MP3 files or JPG files) and the only solution is to accept that the data cannot be compressed and use the required amount of media to store the data required.

Data type Typical compression
CAD 3:8:1
Spreadsheet/word processing 2:5:1
Typical file/print server 2:0:1
Lotus Notes databases 1:6:1
Microsoft Exchange/SQL Server databases 1:4:1
Oracle/SAP databases 1:2:1

I hope the above detail helps you
I work for HP