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Data loss with Data Protector Express and Ultrium 3000

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Data loss with Data Protector Express and Ultrium 3000


I have a problem with data loss using Data Protector Express, and an EH957A Ultrium 3000 half-height SAS tape drive, on a Windows 7 SP1 system.

This is a new system.  I started with a full backup, and have been doing incremental backups each day since.

- 05/19 full backup succeeded (952.62 GB)

- 05/20 incremental backup succeeded (80.87 GB)

- 05/21 incremental backup failed (nothing backed up, missing about 80GB)

- 05/22 incremental backup succeeded (78.54 GB)

The reason for the failure on 05/21 was "power failure."  The Windows PC went to sleep.  I have corrected that problem, so it should not happen again.  However, I have not been able to fix the problems that followed.  So, if an incremental backup ever fails in the future, I think the same problems will happen all over again.

Problem 1:  I tried to re-run the 05/21 incremental backup.  Each time it said it "succeeded" but it didn't select any files, and no data was backed up.  Any ideas why this happened, and how I can avoid the problem in the future?

Problem 2:  When the 05/22 incremental backup ran, it succeeded; but it selected only files from the previous 24 hours.  Any ideas why this happened?

I'd like to either (a) re-run a failed backup, or (b) have the next day's backup pick up 48 hours worth of files.

Somewhere, there's a list of files that Data Protector Express thinks it backed up, but it didn't.  Those files are still on disk, for a while, but the files are not on tape.  Help!