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Data Protector 6.0 - Notifications via smtp

Occasional Contributor

Data Protector 6.0 - Notifications via smtp

hello @all,

running DP6.0 on a win2003 server, i've got some problems with the notifications.

due to i receive no more emails i switched the notifications to "dp event log".

and here comes the weird thing:
there are no notifications in the event log, too.

so i guess there is a problem with the creation of the messages?

does anyone have an idea, where i can have a look for this?
i'm pretty enraged about the (non-)availability of online-documentations at hp. most of them are dead-links...?!?! :(

info: smtp is working.
(checked via command line)

info II: smpt-server is entered correct in global config.

thank you all for your assistance!

Honored Contributor

Re: Data Protector 6.0 - Notifications via smtp

Hi Joerg,

There is a forum set up just for Data Protector 6.0 questions.

There are more DP experts there that could probably provide more help.